We are issue identification and problem solving specialists

AZS Consulting, Inc works closely with:

  • non-profits and government agencies to identify and fix barriers to market transformation and code implementation
  • private industry seeking to understand, excel in and develop product for the energy efficiency and green building sectors

We facilitate field application of energy codes and beyond code programs for both residential and commercial construction and provide vertical support for product placement into green building sectors.

Our Latest project is:

  • LabTo Ad is a simple way to describe what is needed for environmental marketing compliance. Not only must advertisers have evidence to back up their claims before they issue the advertisement, they must portray that evidence in such a way that their consumer comes to an accurate conclusion about the product.. Evidence, so often substantiated through LABoratory testing, must be specifically cited in the ADvertising. Visit Lab To Ad to find out more

Specializing in:

  • advocacy
  • compliance
  • lab to ad
  • market transformation
  • program development
  • certification
  • promotion
  • training


Expertise in:

  • energy efficiency & energy codes
  • fenestration
  • FTC Green Guides
  • green building programs
  • insulation
  • sustainability
  • water conservation
  • whole building evaluation

What We Do

Market Transformation

Analyze, develop and execute appropriate communciation avenues to construction industry, non-profits and government agencies in response to anticipated paradigm shifts in the marketplace. Build government/industry coalitions to affect change. Work with builders, engineers, manufacturers and utility representative to identify barriers and solutions to efficient product/design implementation.

Product Development and Placement

Work with private industry seeking to understand, excel in and develop product for the energy efficiency and green building sectors. Analyze product placement and potentials within codes and above-code programs. Make recommendations on how to expand market share as well as identify product improvements to respond to emerging energy efficiency and green building trends for residential and commercial applications.

Energy Codes

Nationally-known energy code advocates, promoting the use of state-of-the-art technologies to construct high performance homes and buildings. Troubleshoot energy code issues for product manufacturers and serve as an information resource to building departments on energy code compliance and enforcement.  Monitor codes development for client opportunities or threats.

Green Buildings

Provide whole house evaluation, testing, modeling, training and/or promotion to the construction industry.

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