Code Officials & Construction Industry Leaders

Welcome to our test site. You can select training bundles, or see our complete list of available courses. We can set this up in a few steps:

1: Create your account. Your account allows you to gain access to course content, participate in code forums, connect with other code officials and licensed professionals and more. With your account, we also get your location and contact information so we can coordinate our collaboration.

2: Identify a training bundle and review available courses. Advanced users and repeat clients can also craft their own training packages.

3: Check our calendar feature to propose 2-3 dates. Onsite courses are spread throughout Florida, and we bundle classes by region. South Florida, Central Florida, North  Florida and Panhandle. So it’s first come, first serve when selecting dates and time-blocks. Our office manager will connect with you to help lock your date, time, and site details.

4: Pay the deposit to lock the course, or go for the FREE option. Groups of 25 or more licensed professionals receiving 3 or more hours of training in a single day are eligible to receive their CEUs (continuing education credits) at no cost, thanks to a grant from the State of Florida. See the FAQs for more details.

5. Verify that you receive the training details for your session. See you soon!

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