No Cost Terms Conditions

Basic Terms and Conditions
to Receive Continuing Education Credits at No Cost to Licensee

In order to qualify for no cost training, we must meet the grant’s requirements.

  1. The grant is for qualified holders of Florida licenses under CILB, including professionals waiting to receive their license numbers. We call these qualified persons “trainees” or “course participants”.
  2. Contractor employees qualify if under a licensed contractor.
  3. Participants must enroll with their license number. The same course is good for holders of multiple licenses.
  4. Participants must show proof of ID and sign-in for each class. For classes with intermissions, participants must sign in and out each time they leave the premises.


  1. Training sessions are organized by a local host. The local host is our counterpart. This host coordinates with our Registrar to select course bundles, set location and target number of participants, and any other logistical detail of interest to the host.
  2. The local hosts identifies the training venue. Typically this is a county facility where code officials, building planners or building inspectors receive continuing education. Hosts may provide amenities such as coffee. The grant does not cover any such expenses.
  3. To have an In order to keep the sessions at no cost, we need to secure enough people and teach sufficient hours to cover our costs. Our break-even point is 60 licensee-hours/day.

For example, we need a minimum of 60 licensee-hours per day. That means no-cost training applies if there is a group of 30 license-holders taking two hours of training, or 25 taking three hour session.

Post any questions or suggestions you may have in the HELP forum.

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