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Course Authors

Follow this Author Info link to find what we expect from course authors. The page will also remind you about how and when AZS pays royalty fees to authors.

In a nutshell, we require:

  1. Course outline, which is typically 2 pages long. Send to the Registrar and wait for FL State approval. It may take weeks.
  2. PowerPoint deck, which is about 1 slide for every 3 minutes of content. 20 per hr. This excludes cover, end, credits, etc.
  3. Speaker notes. This is the narrative that goes with the slides. Notes must include narration and instructions to speaker.
  4. Narration. These are the audio files using PC or smartphone recording. Typically, one per slide.

Send all other material to the Registrar, unless instructed otherwise.

See theĀ Author Info for details.

Course Outline

Are you preparing a course outline for AZS? Please download the template. The template shows the areas you need to fill. Note that some sections (like course number, or credit type) are for office use only, and don’t require your input.

Downloadable Course Outline Files

Course outline template (link)

Example of actual course (link)

PowerPoint Slides

Are you preparing a deck for AZS? Please download the PPT template. The template shows the areas you need to fill. It contains various formats for you to place your information. You will also use the speaker notes to include your narration.

Downloadable PowerPoint Presentation Template

PPT template (link)

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