COURSE NAME:                 Understanding Commercial Energy Code Submittals from Energy Gauge Summit

COURSE NUMBER:             0611675

CEUs:            1 Hour           CATEGORY:   General

It is the intent to familiarize the participants with the current edition of the Florida Building Code for Energy Conservation, as it is applicable to understanding of the inputs, forms, and reports provided for energy code approvals to the building departments from the software program Energy Gauge Summit.

Upon completion of the session, participants will be better able to:

  1. Identify the information needed for inputs to complete an Energy Gauge Summit Energy Code Compliance Submittal.
  2. Understand how building envelope and mechanical components add up for compliance to the energy code.
  3. Submit more accurate Energy Compliance Reports to building departments.

Method of Presentation:
This course will be presented in a classroom lecture format with instructor use of a multi-media presentation. Attendee participation and questions will be encouraged.

Primary Audience:
Designers, Contractors, Plans Examiners, Inspectors Architects

Secondary Audience:
Trades, engineers, and other persons involved in the construction industry

Experience Level:

Arlene Stewart, Ruen Beane, Lauren Westmoreland and Kathleen Ruppert.


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