Course Title:                          History of the Florida Building Commission

Course Number:                   0611753

CEU:  1   (One  Hour of Instruction)

EXPERIENCE LEVEL:       Intermediate

This course will be presented in a classroom lecture format with instructor use of a multi-media presentation. Attendee participation and questions will be encouraged.

It is the intent to familiarize the participants with the history of the Florida Building Commission, the code development process, and code interpretations.

            Upon completion of the session, participants will be better able to:

  1. Know what the building commission, why it was created and who its comprised of.
  2. Understand the code development process.
  3. Understand what code interpretations are, who does them, and what the process is.


PRIMARY AUDIENCE:       Designers, Contractors, Plans Examiners, Inspectors, & Architects

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:   Trades, engineers, and other persons involved in the construction industry

Arlene Stewart, Ruen Beane, Lauren Westmoreland





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