Course Name:  Mapping the ASHRAE 90.1 Compliance Paths in the 5th Edition (2014) Advanced For Commercial Buildings

Course Number : 999105

CEUs: 1  (1 Hours of Instruction)    Category:  Advanced Buildiing Code

Course Description:
Commercial construction is very diverse—from small retail shops and convenience stores to massive high rise condos and stadiums. For the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation, 5 th Edition (2014), there are four paths for energy code compliance allowed in varying degrees of complexity and difficulty from which contractors may choose. This course provides a detailed mapping of the ASHRAE-base compliance paths allowed by reference in Section C401.2.

This course is designed for enforcement professionals, plan reviewers, architects, engineers, contractors or builders and construction trades. Trades include, but are not limited to, HVAC contractors, electricians, plumbers, insulators and air sealers. It is recommended to have participants who are involved in planning and design and/or participants who will be constructing on‐site. It is also recommended that code officials attend the training to provide information on how new code requirements will be verified.

Course Objectives:

The participant will learn:

  • To list 4 building systems for Commercial Buildings common in all FBC EC compliance paths.
  • To recognize the ASHRAE 90.1-2010 compliance paths as used in FBC EC.
  • To describe the sub-paths that apply to envelope, HVAC, and lighting in this compliance path.

Method of Presentation:
This course will be presented in a classroom lecture format with instructor use of a multi-media presentation. Attendee participation and questions will be encouraged.

Instructors –  Arlene Stewart, Julio Rovi, Lauren Westmoreland, Ruen Beane, Bert Henderson

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