Courses on Florida Building Code 5th Ed. (2014) Energy Conservation

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First Time Here?

Feel free to look around. This site serves as a staging area to deliver continuing education courses to Florida’s licensed professionals. The site answers three basic logistical questions:

1) What courses are available? See the Registrar Blog

2) How does an interested party schedule these courses? Go to scheduling, find a few dates and click on the AM or PM slot of your choice.

3) What do they cost? We charge a per-person-hr fee for each credit hour. But, thanks to a grant from the State of Florida, your group of 25 or more can get it at no cost. Find out how!

Florida Licensed Professionals

If you are a Florida licensed professional, under CILB (Construction Industry Licensing Board), feel free to create an account. This allows you to read all content, post questions on the Florida Energy Conservation Code, provide answers to questions from colleagues, post your activities, and learn about available courses.

Visit Florida

We love it here! We train here! Find the cities and counties where you wish to request training. See our regional breakdown in the FL by Regions map.

To see a detailed map of the state, courtesy of Florida’s Department of Transportation? Click here: You will be taken to a new tab, so return when you’re done.

Code Officials & Construction Industry Leaders

Welcome to our test site. You can select training bundle for commercial buildings, a training bundle for residential buildings, or see our complete list of available courses. We can set this up in a few steps. Go to the Code Officials page for more.


Course Listing

You can read about all available courses in the Registrar Blog page. You can also view and download the complete course contents for your internal files. Our courses are approved by Florida’s Construction Industry Licensing Board.

Paid or At No Cost?

We train for a living, so there is a fee to receive continuing education credits. However, thanks to a grant from the State of Florida, groups that qualify can receive training at no cost to the licensee. Terms and conditions apply.

Training Team

Welcome back to our staging site. Remember to log in to update your forum entries, check out your schedules and update course content.

Site Training

Next session: Thursday January 12, 10 AM Eastern. Please monitor this page for news on upcoming training dates on how to use this page. You will be able to update your courses, review trainer and trainee calendars, and connect with interested parties.

Registrar Access

Authorized staff can add, edit, and delete course entries. Go to the Registrar Blog for details.

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