Registrar’s Action Items

Course Entries

Registrar task: Enter all courses.

This is where the Registrar keeps the blog posts with each course. The name of each page corresponds to the course number. There may be variations created by the Registrar, or the software. For example 061234 or 061234-1. Each blog posts the details for that course. Here is the Registrar Blog page.


Registrar: manage the name, content and duration of each bundle. This includes creating bundles, editing, updating, or deleting bundles.

Bundles are sets of courses grouped around a theme, and offered as “specials”. There are commercial building bundles, or residential building bundles. The Registrar can create other bundles such as Business, Advanced, Legal, Safety or whichever special AZS wants to feature.

Main Course List Table

Registrar: manage the Excel file that contains the list of courses with details.

The main course list is used during the sales process to showcase the number and variety of courses, and encourage clients to book multiple courses over the year. The Registrar must update this list whenever new courses are accepted by CILB. The table should have the appropriate format to display in the web page.

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